About Thrive

Amanda began her network for the age-old reason of not finding one that really supported her goals.

Ideally, she was looking to be introduced to potential clients, connect with relevant professionals and be made to feel comfortable to do business.

Long story short, she created three sector-specific clubs to do just that, Property, Hospitality and Professional Services.

Why choose Thrive for networking? Here are seven great reasons …

  • 40% of attendees are Visitors, to grow the Members network
  • VIP speakers are potential clients
  • Thrive meetings are structured so everyone is made to feel comfortable to do business
  • Sector-specific clubs bring the right individuals together for high-quality connections
  • All Members have to do is show up and follow through – Thrive does the rest
  • Membership is corporate so different individuals in the business benefit
  • Thrive’s Hit List Service & Development Seminars is included offering a lot of Value Add
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