Development Seminars

Thrive’s Development Seminars are interactive workshops on generic business skills. The clubs are combined so delegates come from a mix of Property, Professional Services and Hospitality and these events are also open to Visitors to the network on a ticketed basis.

Our seminars run 9am to 1pm in a city centre venue where the training takes place in a private room over tea & coffee. Naturally there is some networking involved, as everyone is invited to introduce themselves and say what they want to get out the session. Training takes place using flip charts or AV presentation materials as a teaching tool but the emphasis is on interaction from the group. Numbers are small (12-16 max) to ensure a high quality learning experience.

Topics that Thrive covers are LinkedIn, Networking, Presentation Skills and Winning Bids & Tenders, things that will benefit the vast majority of business people regardless of their sector. More information on the Trainers and their material can be found under each session.

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